The refrigeration center in Obinitsa, Setomaa was built in 2019. The berries are refrigerated at -4-+6 degrees and are then frozen/preserved at -18C. The aforementioned refrigeration center was built with the help of an EstRus project called Active Village. The center provides service to all clients who wish to preserve their horticultural produce at low temperatures or freeze it.

Seto Gardens TÜ (for-profit cooperative) is founded in 2017. Its members consist of growers of horticultural products, who grow blackcurrants, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, vegetables etc. The enterpreneurs belonging to the cooperative produce ciders, juices, jams, glöggs and various dried products made of their horticultural produce. Our clients are retail consumers and wholesale buyers. The members of Seto Gardens TÜ grow organic blackcurrants on circa 43 hectares of land, the berries are sold all year round in the frozen form as well as fresh.